OCA Committee

OCA Committee

The Ormond College Association (OCA) was an incorporated association to which all Ormond students became members once they left College.

Today, the OCA Committee is a group of Ormond alumni who offer their time on a voluntary basis to coordinate events and other initiatives to support the Alumni network, the College and enhance the Student experience.

The OCA Committee works in partnership with the College to foster lifelong relationships between Ormondians and the College.

 The College’s goals with its Alumni:

  • To maintain a strong, engaged and cohesive Alumni community
  • To create a focal point for Alumni of similar vintages to keep in touch with each other
  • To create linkages across different vintages of Alumni so that they can help each other and the College
  • To maintain Alumni goodwill and interest in the College’s affairs by encouraging intellectual and emotional ties between Alumni and the College
  • To maintain relationships with Alumni to support future philanthropy linkages.

 How the OCA Committee helps the College to meet its goals:

  • Co-ordinates a program of events to maintain and build Alumni engagement with the College
  • Provides personal connections for the College to Alumni of different vintages to support College initiatives (careers sessions, mentoring relationships, special interest groups and philanthropy initiatives)
  • Members act as ambassadors for the College, the OCA and the College Advancement team
  • Provides advice to the College on key strategic initiatives and supports the implementation of the Ormond Strategic Plan as it relates to the Alumni community
  • Leads key Alumni events like the OCA dinner
  • Represents the Alumni at official College occasions
  • Actively helps the organisation and promotion of events and initiatives in partnership with the College Advancement team.


  • The OCA Committee normally meets three times per year.
  • OCA Committee members are expected to attend a minimum of two meetings per year.
  • Work programs may be established so that the business of the OCA can continue outside of meetings and may require some activity in between meetings. This may include planning groups for events, representing the OCA at events, etc.
  • The Master and other relevant College staff are encouraged to attend.
  • The Engagement office provides administrative support for the OCA Committee and works with the OCA President on setting the agenda and coordinating meeting dates.

If you would like further information about the OCA Committee or would like to contact the Alumni office at Ormond College, please call +61 3 9344 1169 or email alumni@ormond.unimelb.edu.au

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