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Prof Richard Dalitz

Prof Richard Dalitz

Pioneering particle physicist

Prof Richard Dalitz FRS (1925–2006) was an internationally noted physicist who made a number of substantial discoveries in particle physics that were named after him. He discovered the Dalitz pair, Castillejo-Dalitz-Dyson poles and Dalitz plots during his long career as a physicist at the University of Oxford, during which he won a series of international physics medals and prizes.


Richard was raised in the Victorian town of Dimboola and won a scholarship to Ormond College to complete his undergraduate degree, during which his outstanding performance earned him further accolades. After graduating, Richard remained at College as a resident tutor before departing for academic posts in Britain. Despite living the rest of his life in the UK, Dalitz remained connected with Ormond, which he visited on occasional trips back to Australia.


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