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The Associate Ormond College [AOC] is a program of micro-credentials that equips students with the enterprise skills required in our rapidly changing workplace. The AOC prepares students for their careers by developing the personal qualities and practical knowledge needed to succeed professionally. The program also encompasses a range of important attributes and competencies that complement Ormond students’ University degrees.

Australia is undergoing the most significant disruption in the world of work since the industrial revolution, and how we respond has huge implications for the next generation.

Foundation for Young Australians’ 2016 New Work Order Report

The AOC program is delivered in small groups and is “hands-on’, face to face learning. This distinguishes it from many other employment skills programs that are largely online or lecture based. The AOC enriches participants with applicable, practical skills while also being interactive, fun, and a great way to meet other students at the College. Ormond is leading the way in offering such a high quality and comprehensive employability skills program.

Enterprise skills for tomorrow's leaders

AOC Program Structure


  • 1 hour class each week, held over 8 weeks
  • Dynamic, interactive, and innovative learning
  • Assessment involves practical demonstration of relevant skills
  • Students undertake one unit per semester
  • All units are open to graduate students and staff members
  • Participation in the program is free



AOC Badges

Students who complete an AOC unit earn a digital badge, which can then be shared on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and on digital CVs. These badges ensure that Ormond students stand out as well-rounded candidates when looking for that all important career start. Potential employers can see (via the digital badges’ hyperlink to subject descriptors) the specific abilities that a candidate has acquired through the AOC. Shown below are some examples of our AOC badges for third year units in 2020.








If you would like to know more about micro-credentials and the AOC badges, you can click here to view our range of badges.

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