Learning, Wellbeing & Development

At Ormond we champion educational excellence through the delivery of dedicated academic support, and career readiness and enrichment opportunities. Our community fosters a culture of contribution, citizenship and personal excellence, and we are committed to supporting students with wellbeing and learning initiatives to help them succeed at University and beyond.


Don’t just study your course – engage with your future profession

Our Learning Program allows graduate students to excel in their studies, explore ideas and skills outside their studies, develop their professional skills and network with leading alumni in their field. Our offerings change each year, as we work in partnership with students to pursue their passions and interests.

As students are studying a variety of highly specific graduate degrees, in most cases such assistance is tailored to the individual student’s needs. All graduate students, including research students, can request academic assistance from the College, which might include tutorials, consultations, or guest speakers.

Academic Support

Education is at its best when it’s personal and brought to life.

Ormond College tutors are highly skilled, and quality teaching and learning is at the centre of the Ormond Learning Program. Our students achieve excellent results because we understand that the best learning is personal.

Our tutors are available to support you with teaching and mentoring, and provide an experienced perspective on learning and community living. The Learning Team has diverse professional and academic expertise, are interested in students and always keen to discuss ideas beyond formal learning events. 

Regular tutorials are offered to law and medicine students, while students studying other disciplines have access to tailored academic assistance on a needs basis. For students writing a thesis as part of their degree, there is a regular thesis-writing group who encourage each other, discuss writing processes and keeps each other on track throughout the thesis writing process.

Tutoring opportunities

Graduate students can join our learning program as tutors to develop their teaching expertise. Graduate tutors are paid an hourly rate which depends on the kind of tutorials and other consultations they are involved in. If you’re interested in finding out more about becoming a tutor at Ormond, please discuss with the Learning team once your application is accepted.

Professional Readiness

MD Dinner 2018 Graduate students

Professional engagements are unique opportunities to see inside the profession, learn more about the dynamics of specialisations and make informed choices about career paths, and network with people already practicing in the field.

Students can also present their work in an academic forum or publish it in the College’s annual academic journal, Ormond Papers.

Our alumni and friends give generously and enthusiastically of their time to support the professional engagement program.

World of Work

Ormond students are offered in-house training in work readiness skills including CV preparation and interview techniques. As well as guest speakers and workplace visits that expand their knowledge of career pathways and give them an opportunity to network and connect with Ormond alumni.

Ormond Connect

Find a mentor and access a range of networking opportunities on Ormond Connect, our alumni mentoring platform. On Ormond Connect, you can get advice from professionals working in your field of interest, ask for resume feedback and make the most of being connected to our incredible alumni community. 

Associate Ormond College (AOC)

The AOC is a bespoke learning program available exclusively for our students at no extra cost. You’ll get a toolkit of enterprise skills including design thinking, ethical reasoning and effective communication to complement your studies and prepare you for the changing future of work.

Personal Development Programs

Our personal development programs are designed to complement your academic studies with new perspectives, thought-provoking conversations and opportunities to forge lifelong friendships.

Arts and Community

Our Musician in Residence, eminent classical pianist Stephen McIntyre, invites his friends and students to delight us with regular Siorees in The Lodge. Our small art and design studio fosters a collaborative relationship amongst Ormond’s artistic students and offers them space to prepare for the annual Art Show. The dynamic singing and music scene at Ormond is student-driven.

Beyond Ormond Borders

Students with an interest in social justice and sustainability come together to develop key skills and to contribute to their local, national or global community. They address some of the complex problems facing our country and our world.

We combine our students’ desire to make a difference and their unique perspective to empower them to create the change they want to see in the world. The initiatives are student-led and include local volunteering opportunities.

Visiting Speakers

Each year we invite guest speakers to engage with our students and tutors in the Ormond Speakers series; including the Robson Lectures.

Problem Solving Workshops

Offers students a chance to build skills and test themselves against contemporary challenges.

Cultural experiences and academic intensives

We facilitate a range of experiences including the Garma Festival and an excursion to the Bawaka homeland, as well as academic intensives held on campus to help you dive deeper into ideas. 

Robson Fellowship: Visiting Speakers

Waleed Aly

Through the generosity of our alumni, Ormond is able to engage wonderful speakers to inspire conversation and reflection in our communities. The lectures (funded by the Robson Fellowships, the GEM Scott Fellowship, and the Barney Allen Memorial Trust) are significant events in the College year.

The Robson Fellowship is a visiting speakers program, established by alumnus Dr Graeme Robson in 2005, to foster the discussion and exploration of a broad range of ideas, values and issues at Ormond.

In keeping with Dr Robson’s desire to go beyond the format of lectures, Robson Fellows interact with students in a number of less-formal ways, which include in-residence programs, seminars, workshops, dinner addresses, debates, lunchtime forums, and small group discussions. The aim is to encourage and stimulate thoughtful discussion and exchanges with and between college residents.

Wellbeing & Development

In addition to our learning programs to support your University studies, Ormond offers a range of programs to foster personal, career and academic development. 

We know that young people need to develop a suite of skills, in addition to their degrees, to help them navigate the future of work and life after university, and our programs aim to set Ormond students up for success.

Wellbeing Support

Balancing the rigorous demands of graduate study and life can be challenging for anyone. Ormond students have access to a range of services, tailored programs and dedicated activities, events and community spaces which promote inclusion, health and wellbeing. 

We also provide opportunities to promote positive relationships, respect, cultural competency and healthy behaviours. Learn more about our Respectful Relationships values and policies.

Our Team works with students to identify goals and help support their journey through personal support, coaching, workshops and events.

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