University is a formative time in your life to discover your potential.

At Ormond College, we create an environment for you to discover who you are in a welcoming, vibrant community that will define your time at The University of Melbourne. A place to find life-long friendships, develop your voice, and form your ideas.

Whether it’s a conversation over dinner, debating topics in a tutorial, organising the college musical or participating in sports, our students leave college equipped with the tools to have a significant impact in their chosen field.

What is college?

Student stories: Adeline & Jimmy

Meet Adeline & Jimmy: sister (2018 Chair of the student committee) & brother from Tasmania talk about their Ormond experience.

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Why Choose Ormond?

Ormond College provides a transformative university experience that encourages you to be your best.

Find your tribe

We host numerous academic, sporting, cultural and social activities, every week, to help you discover where you belong. Led by The Students’ Club and Learning & Community team, these immersive and inspiring events help you make new friends, challenge your thinking and exercise your leadership and teamwork skills. Inspiring you towards a path of life-long learning.

Amplify your potential

Joining our community connects you to a rich heritage of generations of Ormondians who have previously walked our halls and lived by our values. During your time at College, you’ll befriend and be inspired by them. When you leave Ormond, you begin a life-long journey connected to a global network of alumni who have gone on to make their mark in their chosen careers and endeavours post-university.

Values-driven, student-led

We want to foster independent thinking and collaborative ways of working. That’s why we’re committed to principles not rules, to what is right, not what is permitted. As a student, you help set the agenda for our community, guided by our six values that inform the ways that we live and learn together – Respect, Community, Learning, Diversity, Integrity, Heritage.

Everything at your fingertips

All of this is set against the backdrop of our beautiful heritage buildings and state-of-the-art learning and technology facilities, right in the heart of Melbourne – Australia’s cultural, sporting, and academic hub. Ormond’s iconic campus is equipped with everything you need, including our 24hr Academic Centre, sporting and recreation facilities, famous Dining Hall and the Ormond café, as well as our staff who are here to help you make the most of our university experience.


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Orientation Week

Orientation Week is your introduction to the Ormond community — a week of terrific welcome activities that you’ll never forget.

At the end, you’ll feel like a real part of the Ormond community, have already made friends, and know your way around Ormond, the University, and Melbourne!

While O-Week can be intense, there’s plenty of time-out scheduled in with the fun. There will be lots of time to hang out and get to know your fellow Ormondians.

We host O-Week for incoming students twice a year – semester 1 and 2. Additional information about O-Week can be found via our Moving into Residence FAQs.

A warm welcome into our community

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