We have a strong academic staff community over 20 senior academics and professionals. Underpinning our student and staff community is a values-based ethos, rather than as a rules-based one.

The College staff manage its core functions and is lead by an Executive team of the Master, College Dean & Vice-Master, Assistant College Dean, Chief Financial and Operating Officers, Executive Director of Engagement, Director of Student Success & Wellbeing, and Associate Dean Academic Enrichment.

The College is affiliated with the Uniting Church in Australia although from its foundation it has been ‘open to students of all faiths or none’ and it operates through an independent Council, chaired by Richard Loveridge.

Tutorial Positions

Ormond College is committed to providing an outstanding residential and learning experience for members of the University of Melbourne.

Founded in 1881 by the Presbyterian Church with the hallmarks of open entry and liberal education, Ormond College aspires to be a leader in residential collegiate learning in Australia, through

  • academic excellence
  • diversity in student population and experience
  • active student involvement and leadership
  • an appreciation of the worth of each individual
  • strong ethical values
  • practical involvement and learning from participation in community projects
  • a forward and outward looking approach

All members of the College share this commitment and hold these aspirations. The College’s academic program is central to the realisation of this vision of a learning community.

All involved with the program are encouraged to strive to inspire one another with a passion for learning, and to participate in the various activities that make up the program with a great sense of excitement and enjoyment.

Casual Tutor Positions

We welcome applications for casual tutoring at Ormond College throughout the year and CVs are held in the expectation that opportunities may arise unexpectedly.

Most of our tutors are graduates or teachers with contemporary experience of courses offered by the University of Melbourne. But we also consider applications from graduates working outside the University and from non-graduates with proven teaching experience and established knowledge and skills in a particular field. Those studying an undergraduate degree are not eligible to apply.

Remuneration & Conditions

Tutors are paid on an hourly basis for all scheduled tutorials and individual consultations. Tutors are expected to participate in the Ormond tutors’ community of practice and peer to peer programs, as part of our commitment to best practice.

For information about conditions, pay, workload, expectations and training, please contact Tiane Ryman at

How to Apply

Applications are accepted throughout the year. The best times to apply for tutorial positions are June and January, in advance of the coming semester.

Please send your CV, Statement of Results and list of University of Melbourne subjects (including subject code and name) that you are able to tutor to Tiane Ryman at

Subject information can be found in the University of Melbourne handbook

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