Community & Activities

Be part of a vibrant and academically rigorous community

We create a transformative graduate experience that equips you with the skills and connections to make a disproportionate difference in your chosen field.

Joining our community gives you the opportunity to live and work closely with others studying at a postgraduate level, form close friendships and build a powerful network that will last beyond your time at College.

The personal and intellectual support our large and inclusive community provides is invaluable. This is enhanced by a full calendar of activities and events that creates enriching collisions within our community.

Fast-track your professional development

Living at Ormond is the best way to learn at The University of Melbourne, advance your professional career and have a truly world-class experience.

Critical Mass

Ormond is the largest graduate community in a traditional residential college at the University of Melbourne. About one third of students are studying in the MD program, and another third in the JD program. The remaining students study across a wide range of coursework and research degrees. At this scale, there is a tangible positive energy as you work together to achieve your academic goals.

A Global Welcome

The University of Melbourne’s graduate programs attract talented students from around Australia and the world. Every background brings a unique perspective: living together in a rich community of difference opens these learning experiences for everyone to share and take advantage of the rich collision of minds, ideas and perspectives.

A Distinct Graduate Voice

Graduate students are all members of the Middle Common Room (MCR) within Ormond. This is a great opportunity to exercise your management and leadership skills and play an active role in shaping the graduate community experience.

Student Leadership

Middle Common Room Committee

The Middle Common Room Committee is an elected Committee of six students which organises social, cultural & sporting events and activities for the graduate community, and facilitates communication with the College’s leadership team. The culture of the Middle Common Room is very much student-led, and the Committee supports its members to plan and run initiatives which they are passionate about. 

They are also responsible for organising the major events for graduates throughout the year, including Graduate Orientation Weekend and the Graduate Invitation Dinner (special dinner for students and their mentors).

In addition to graduate-only activities, all events of the Ormond College Students’ Club (the incorporated Club for both undergraduate and graduate students of the College) are open to graduate members.


Sport brings the College together, whether it’s as part of a team or part of the supporting crowd.

Ormond fields at least one team in every intercollegiate sport as well as non-competitive activities, including athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, football, golf, hockey, netball, rowing, rugby, soccer, softball, squash, swimming, table tennis, tennis, volleyball and cross country.

Students also run an annual Ski Week held at the Ormond Ski Lodge at Mt Hotham.

Drama, Art & Music

Our students host the annual Ormond Art Show, a sketch club, the Drama Club which stages an annual play and a biennial musical, and regular poetry performance nights to name a few. Our students also host regular Open Mic Nights to encourage you to share your talents.

Our dedicated space, the Lodge – Arts and Music Centre, houses several pianos, including a grand piano, and designated music rooms for band practice and ensemble practice.

Clubs, Committees & Societies

Our graduate community has a number of clubs, committees and societies which organise events and provide opportunities for your to explore and expand your perspective:

  • Grad Ma’am: A fortnightly catchup for those identifying as women or non-binary. It creates a safe space to have a chat about what’s been going on lately, with tea and snacks provided.
  • GradLads: A men’s discussion group where students gather to discuss issues relevant to males in the 21st century, as well as to support one another and build social bonds.
  • Social Committee: Student-run group that organises social events throughout the year. Some highlights include cocktail night, Go-weekend, Royal Flush, CheapEats, Intercollegiate mixers and Grad Olympics.
  • Wellbeing Committee: Student-run group that raises awareness about well-being in the graduate community, and organises and runs well-being events throughout the year. Some highlights include the easter egg hunt, shut up and write, movie nights and graduate gift week.
  • Grad Games: Student-run group that organises board game competitions and games nights such  as chess, Settlers of Catan, Codenames and Werewolf.

Graduate students are also welcome to involve themselves in the clubs, committees and societies which are run by our undergraduate community.


Our publications include the Students’ Club magazine, ‘The Ormondian’ the annual ‘Ormond Papers,’ which showcases the best of our academic and creative work, and the ‘Ormond Chronicle,’ which documents the year’s events. 

Student participation in writing, photography, editing and production of these publications is vital.

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