A comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to guide undergraduates.

In Australia, College is a place where you live to enrich your university experience. Some students come from overseas, interstate; others are from just down the road. Once the university year starts you live here, eat here (all meals are provided), study here, participate in sport and cultural events here and socialise here.

Ormond becomes your home away from home for 34 weeks of the year. With such a diversity of people here you will make an amazing network of friends, live in a supportive and equal environment and have a life changing learning experience.

Transitioning into University life can be daunting, so in addition to the Ormond College Handbook, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of FAQs:

If there’s anything you can’t find covered here please contact our Admissions Team on admissions@ormond.unimelb.edu.au.

If you’re a Graduate student please refer to our Graduate FAQs.

Financial Assistance

  • Financial assistance is monetary support offered to eligible students wishing to join or remain part of the Ormond community.

  • Our financial assistance program is made possible through the generosity of our alumni and the Ormond community as well as the wider community.

  • Families with an income below $250,000 are eligible to apply.

    Financial Assistance is awarded on the basis of individual financial need and is calculated using an ability-to-pay model.

    To ensure equity, financial assistance is available on the condition that other means of financial support have been explored and exhausted.

  • The ability-to-pay model is a ratio that, in its simplest form, divides the total household income by number of dependants. A percentage of a household’s income is allocated to expenses such as mortgage, bills, groceries, etc.

    Income brackets have been determined to allow for the correct analysis of the data. For example, the ability-to-pay figure for a combined household income of $80,000 with 4 dependants will be lower than a combined household income of $200,000 with 4 dependents.

  • Eligible students can receive scholarships ranging from $5,000 – full fee per year, however the amount of financial assistance offered is based on the individual financial needs of every student and applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

  • The amount of financial assistance received will be deducted from your fees in the manner which matches how you chose to pay (ie. annually, by semester or by instalments). For example, if you received $10,000 in financial assistance and opted to pay your fees by semester, this amount would be divided by 2 and deducted from each Semester fee).

  • We make all financial assistance offers to future students in conjunction with the offer of residency so it is a good idea to submit your Financial Assistance application at the same time, or shortly after you submit your application for residency

    The application form is an Excel document and must be completed in MS Office or Excel for Mac. Please download the application form below and complete during the application period.

    Semester 2, 2024 applications for financial assistance will open on 4 April, 2024

    Semester 1, 2025 applications for financial assistance are currently closed. Please register here if you would like to be notified when applications open.

    There are three tabs to complete. STUDENT and SCHOLARSHIPS are to be filled out by the student and PARENTS needs to be filled out by the parent.

  • Please refer to our Financial Assistance webpage for key dates.

  • While you can defer a residential offer from Ormond, you cannot defer a financial assistance offer. So if you definitely plan to defer, do not apply for financial assistance at this time.

  • The following documentation is required:

    From the student

    • Evidence of Centrelink payments (if applicable)
    • Information on University Scholarships (if applicable)
    • Signed declaration

    From the parents

    • Most recent ATO Notice of Assessment
    • Signed declaration
  • If you expect to get a part time job whilst at college, we ask that you give an estimate of what you would expect to earn. You can decide how many hours you would expect to work.

  • Ormond uses a standard model for expenses, recognising the significant degree of commonality between students.  The application form factors in a sum to cover personal spending money, bills, course-related costs and health-related costs.

    The standard model does not allow for expenses such as holiday travel, elite sports, or other similar expenses.

    It is expected that local students will defer their HECS debt.

  • As per our privacy policy, all applications and supporting documents are treated in the strictest confidence by the College. The information you provide will only be used on a need-to-know basis by relevant senior staff.

  • A Financial Assistance Committee consisting of senior members of staff makes the initial allocation. The final decision remains at the discretion of the Master.

  • We make all financial assistance offers to future undergraduates in conjunction with the offer of residence.


Financial Assistance Application - Semester 2, 2024 Entry

Application Process

Selection Process

  • We are looking for students who want to make a difference in the world, and who are interested in participating in the life of the College and its academic, cultural and sporting programs. How you contribute is up to you, but we are looking for students who are committed to living by Ormond’s values and who will relish the opportunity to be part of a diverse student community.

  • Our aim is to have a diverse and dynamic community, made up of:

    • approximately 25% of students from either overseas, interstate, Melbourne metropolitan, and Australian rural backgrounds
    • a balanced gender ratio
    • good representation from across all the University of Melbourne degree courses
    • students from all school types

    This balanced community is established through the combination of returning and new students.

  • We look at students’ capacity to benefit from and contribute to Ormond, as well as their alignment with Ormond’s values and overall suitability to College life. Living at College is different from living at home and going to secondary school, so we also look at students’ ability to balance and moderate competing goals in an adult environment.

  • We will certainly be keen to hear about your interests and passions, and your involvement in school and community life. However, we value diversity and individuality, and there is no pre-determined list of achievements that matter more to us than others. We are also interested in students who are looking for opportunities they haven’t had before.

  • Although Ormond supports and values strong family connections, being a child or sibling of a current or past student, or donor, does not in any way guarantee a place at the College. All applicants are assessed equally in the selection process.

  • There is a selection panel made up of Executive members of the College.

  • You can defer your place for up to 18 months as long as you have a current University of Melbourne offer.


Moving into Residence

  • O Week (Orientation Week) is not optional. It is a vital part of your introduction to College life and an opportunity for new members of Ormond to become familiar with the College and Melbourne.

    During O Week you will get know your fellow students and find out more about collegiate and university life. We offer social and academic programs which focus on helping students get to know Ormond as a values based community.

    Students who have not attended O Week are unable to join the Ormond community.

  • A group of students who are selected for their leadership skills organise and host O Week on behalf of the College.

  • Arrival at College starts with O Week which is generally around the third week of February for Semester 1.

    There is an Early Move-In Day, held the Friday before O Week, for all overseas students who have not previously lived in Australia.

    For the Semester 2 intake, Orientation normally takes place in the 3rd week of July (or the week before classes commence).


  • During this day, we will prepare you for life in Melbourne with such things as getting an Australian mobile phone number, opening a bank account, obtaining a Myki card so you can use public transport and directing you to the nearest shops so you may purchase your living essentials.


  • Unfortunately not but you can see photos of student’s rooms on the Campus Living page of our website.

  • Your room will be furnished with: a bed (minimum size will be long single), pillow, mattress, mattress protector, desk, desk-chair, wardrobe, bookshelf and pin-up board.  All rooms are heated during winter.

    All students receive an academic gown on the first day.

  • Aside from clothes you will need to bring with you:

    • your computer
    • towels and toiletries
    • coat hangers
    • bed linen (please bring queen size bed linen to cover all possible bed sizes). If coming from overseas, you can purchase these and have them delivered to College prior to arrival.
    • a desk lamp

    Feel free to bring whatever personal touches you require to make your room into your home but remember an easy mistake to make is to bring too much!

  • Candles and incense burners – due to fire regulations these are not permitted.

    Equipment such as vacuum cleaners and irons are unnecessary as they are available for loan from Reception. 

    Heaters and cooking appliances such as microwaves are not permitted in student rooms.

  • Yes, all rooms have wireless internet.

  • Car parking is very limited. Car parking is decided by the Vice Master, The Chair of the General Committee and Head of Seniority.

    There is excellent public transport; cycle paths and a short car hire service very closely located to the College.

  • Ormond College, 49 College Crescent, Parkville 3052. Please label each box with your name and write NEW STUDENT. We will hold it until you arrive. Please send as close to arrival as possible. Please understand all parcels are sent at your own risk.

  • All students are required to leave residence outside of semesters. Dates of residence are available on our Key Dates page.

  • Student’s readmission to the College is not automatic and is at the discretion of the Master. Students are expected to maintain a 65 GPA, remain up to date with their financial obligations and be in good standing with the College.

    Student contracts are only for one year so each year they must sign a new contract before they return. Returning students pay a deposit on their new acceptance of offer which is credited back to their first account. For further information please refer to Fees.

  • Please be aware that the College’s insurance policies do not cover privately owned items. You should arrange insurance cover for any valuable items (particularly notebook computers), either by adding them to existing household policies or by obtaining separate cover.

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