Learning, Wellbeing & Development

At Ormond we champion educational excellence and nurture an academic community through the delivery of dedicated academic support, and career readiness and enrichment opportunities. Our community fosters a culture of contribution, citizenship and curiosity, and we are committed to supporting students with wellbeing and learning initiatives to help them succeed at University and beyond.


Amplify your potential and bring learning to life

The academic program at Ormond is based on the belief that ideas matter. Students who engage in a broad range of intellectual activities not only do better at University but develop the flexible thinking required for a fast changing world, and are better equipped for their lives and careers beyond study.

From extra tutorials to forums, events and broader learning experiences, Ormond students have access to endless opportunities to advance their studies and careers.

Learning at Ormond

Tutorials & Academic Support

Our extensive tutorial program is supported by our dedicated team of tutors, who are passionate about supporting your academic journey. We offer weekly tutorials across a large range of subjects so you can explore your Uni classes in depth, and our team is always keen to discuss ideas and encourage courageous thinking.

Our team of Leading Tutors are here to guide you through your university and extended learning journey from your very first day at Ormond, right through to graduation. 

In addition to tutorials, our weekly study sessions bring students from related subjects together with a tutor, while students in the creative disciplines meet with practicing artists, musicians, and designers , to develop their artistic skills.

Students also have access to our 24hr Academic Centre. It features state-of-the-art information access, quiet study spaces, and an extensive library.


Students can arrange one-on-one meetings with tutors and academic advisors to work through any challenging aspects of their studies, as well as careers and course advice.

Academic Programs

Open Forums

Our permanent academic staff host weekly discussion forums on a range of topics, including science, philosophy, gender, economics and anthropology. These events are an opportunity for students to discuss new ideas and expand their thinking beyond their University studies.

Academic Visitor Program

Ormond hosts many eminent scholars from both Australia and overseas. Where possible, students are invited to meet with visitors to discuss their ideas and gain insights into the world of academic research and careers.

Associate Ormond College (AOC)

Designed and delivered in-house, our independent learning program is available exclusively for our students at no extra cost. The program is all about students gaining an extra toolkit of enterprise skills to complement their university studies and prepare them for the changing future of work. Learn more about Associate Ormond College.

Cultural Experiences and Academic Intensives

We facilitate a range of cross-cultural experiences, including the Garma Festival and an excursion to the Bawaka homeland.

Our academic intensives are held on-campus with our Leading Tutors, and provide interested students from any discipline with the opportunity to dive deeper into ideas. Our intensives are open to all students, and cover topics ranging from Plato’s Republic to Celestial Mechanics.

Annual Garma trip

Music & Creative Arts at The Lodge

The Lodge opened in 2018 as a place for music and creative arts activities. Led by a staff and student committee, the Lodge provides spaces for music performance, practice rooms, design spaces and visual arts.

Wellbeing & Development

In addition to our learning programs to support your University studies, Ormond offers a range of programs to foster personal, career and academic development. 

We know that young people need to develop a suite of skills, in addition to their degrees, to help them navigate the future of work and life after university, and our programs aim to set Ormond students up for success.

Wellbeing Support

Looking after yourself needs to be a priority during your time at University. Ormond students have access to a range of services, tailored programs and dedicated activities, events and community spaces which promote inclusion, health and wellbeing. 

We also provide opportunities to promote positive relationships, respect, cultural competency and healthy behaviours. Learn more about our Respectful Relationships values and policies.

Our Team works with students to identify goals and help support their journey through personal support, coaching, workshops and events.

Wellbeing & Development Programs

Ormond students have access to a range of events throughout the year which provide personal development opportunities. From careers advice to volunteering, our programs promote inclusion, awareness for wellbeing as a foundation of personal excellence, and prepare students to transition to employment.

World of Work/Career Advising

Ormond students are offered in-house training in work readiness skills. This program encompasses a wide range of activities, from workplace visits, mentoring dinners, guest speakers, internships opportunities, case competitions and individual career consulting with our full-time career advisor. We also help prepare students for post-graduate law and medical degree entrance requirements, and expand their knowledge of career pathways to give them opportunities to network with our generous, well-connected Ormond alumni community.

  • Individual career counselling
  • Workplace visits
  • Case competitions
  • Mentoring dinners
  • Industry speakers
  • Internships
  • Advice on graduate programs
  • Work readiness skills

Academic Advising

The Academic Advice program provides students with tailored advice on a range of topics to help them succeed at University, including academic skills (e.g. writing, research, time management), University policies, subject selection, course planning and exchange.


A weekly student-led group conversation about a topical social, political or ethical issue.

Fridays @ 1: a student-led robust conversation about topical political and social issues.

Federal Budget Week Tour

Every year, students have the opportunity to experience the behind-the-scenes of Australian policy-making and politics with our Budget Week tour. This is a unique perspective into the inner workings of one of the pinnacle moments in the parliamentary calendar.

Beyond Ormond Borders

Beyond Ormond Borders exposes students to the complex problems facing our local, national and global community. These activities are student-led and cover a range of initiatives, including environmental projects, mentoring at a local school, current affairs discussion and volunteering at various organisations.

Ormond Connect

Ormond Connect is our alumni mentoring and networking platform, and gives students the opportunity to connect with our incredible alumni community. On Ormond Connect, students can seek advice from professionals working in their field of interest, ask for resume feedback, find a mentor and make the most of being connected with Ormond alumni.

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