Keeping our community COVID-safe

Information for students and families

Since the emergence of COVID-19 in 2020 we have come a long way, and fortunately we are now learning to live with the virus.

Despite this, our unique residential setting does present some challenges and we all must play our part to keep healthy and minimise transmission within our community.

Please refer to this web page for the latest advice and information about COVID-19 and campus life.

Stay well 

Monitor your health

  • It’s really important that you monitor your health for cold or flu symptoms, no matter how mild, or any other illness for that matter.
  • Test for COVID as soon as you notice any symptoms.

What if I test positive?

Isolation is no longer a legal requirement for anyone who tests positive to COVID-19, however out of respect and care for the people around you as well as the wider community, we ask students who test positive to follow current government guidelines and take steps to limit transmission on campus:

  • Wear a mask in all indoor areas of the College.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to avoid spending time in communal spaces such as the ACA and the Dining Hall, and to not attend tutes and College events, etc.
  • Avoid having other students or visitors in your room.
  • Students who choose to isolate in their room and require meals to be delivered can arrange this by contacting Reception.
  • Students may wish to return home if it is safe to do so. If you choose to return home please let Reception know before you leave.

Students can contact Reception 24 hours a day on 9344 1100 for advice and support.

Helpful resources

University of Melbourne Information
The University of Melbourne is providing regular updates about the impact of COVID-19 on University programs and operations via its website.

For student advice and support, visit the coronavirus student support page or contact Stop 1.

Coronavirus Health Information
24/7 coronavirus health information line 1800 020 080.

Australian Department of Health

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Victoria

Victorian Department of Health

Book a COVID-19 vaccination appointment online or call the Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398.

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